Dr. Rebecca Spivack

Small Animal Surgeon

Dr. Spivack is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania in 2006, and is a Diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Surgeons. She is also a Certified Canine Rehabilitation Practitioner (CCRP). Dr. Spivack enjoys integrating this training into the care of her postoperative surgical patients.

Her professional interests include both soft tissue and orthopedic surgery, with a particular focus on skin reconstruction and wound management. Dr. Spivack’s most recent publication was entitled “Postoperative Complications following Total Ear Canal Ablation-Lateral Bulla Osteotomy in the Dog and Cat.”

Although originally from the suburbs of Washington, D.C., Dr. Spivack returned to the Indianapolis area in 2013 to work in private referral practice. Her husband, baby daughter, and their foxhound, Edie, are all Indianapolis natives.

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Photo of Dr. Rebecca  Spivack

Dr. Andrea Enk

Emergency Veterinarian

Dr. Enk grew up playing in the cattle chute in her back yard, watching her father who was hard at work as a mixed animal veterinarian. She has grown up following in her father’s footsteps and knew she wanted to be just like him since she was 4 years old. After college, she joined him in the field of veterinary medicine.

Dr. Enk attended Ball State University for undergraduate work before being accepted early into Purdue University School of Veterinary medicine. In 2005, she graduated and began practicing in the Indianapolis area. Dr. Enk joined Noah’s in August 2014. She has a special interest in emergency medicine and enjoys helping people with their pets during critical times of need.

At home, Dr. Enk lives with her two young daughters, Natalie and Avery, as well as her beloved Pit Bull puppy named Daisy Duke. Outside of work she has a great interest in horses and rides when time allows. She also enjoys riding bikes with her kids, landscaping/gardening, painting, and snow skiing.

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Photo of Dr. Andrea  Enk

Dr. Julie Lada

Emergency Veterinarian

As a rat owner, Dr. Julie Lada found that it was difficult to find a veterinarian who was both skilled and passionate when it came to her rodent pet’s health. She decided to do something about it, and vowed to herself that she would one day be able to provide quality medical care for animals of all types!

Dr. Lada is a native of Marion, Indiana, and attended Purdue University to earn her undergraduate degree in pre-veterinary medicine and animal science. During her studies, she worked as a kennel assistant, a research laboratory animal caretaker, a veterinary assistant, and even volunteered as a part-time zookeeper assistant and exotic-animal rescue worker! After earning her degree, Dr. Lada headed to the Caribbean island of St. Kitts to attend veterinary school at Ross University. She then completed her clinical year at the University of Illinois before relocating to Indianapolis with her husband in 2014.

As a veterinarian, Dr. Lada particularly enjoys the visual aspect of radiology and cytology work, and has a special passion for behavioral medicine. She also loves working with exotic pets, and is proud that she’s able to care for every member of a client’s animal family, from a lizard to a German shepherd.

Outside of her interests in the veterinary world, Dr. Lada enjoys cooking, gardening, and scuba diving. She has fond memories of swimming side-by-side with sea turtles and enormous stingrays while doing reef research in the Caribbean! Dr. Lada lives with her husband and several pets of her own: a pit bull mix named Rowdy, Nic the leopard gecko, Reggie the ball python, and six cats named Mama, Castiel, Dean, Crowley, Mallory, and Willow.

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Photo of Dr. Julie  Lada

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